A digital content piece for the University of Arizona Foundation. "Brick By Brick" shows that it takes a whole bunch of tiny steps to make on giant leap.

Client: The University of Arizona Foundation
Director: Nickolas Duarte - nickolasduarte.com
Production Company: Crown Chimp Productions - crownchimp.com

Narrator: Mark Canjar
Father: Anthony Lobato
Basketball player: Lawrence Pierce
College of Med Student: Miguel Serrano
Education Student: Rebekah Acosta
Education Advisor: Erin Turner

1st AD/Editor: Matthew King
Project Producer: Margoth Barrera-Murrin
Co-Writer: Drew Grubich
Director of Photography/Colorist: Will Turner - willturnerphoto.com
1st AC/2nd Unit DP: Oscar Rivera
Location Audio: Mike Clark
Production Design: Jessica Van Ravenswaay
Make Up: Sonia Campbell

Production Assistants: Keith Wagner

Camera: RED Scarlet

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