WIN1DREAM is the biggest dreams social network in the world!

It is a social and cooperative platform that will help you achieve your dreams.

Unlike other platforms that are more focused in a single sector, WIN1DREAM generalizes the concept to everybody so that any person can self-finance his dream and make it come true.

WIN1DREAM is governed by a set of rules that make your participation funnier and more humanitarian.

Firstly, you have to register and create your dream.
But to activate it you must first donate 1 Euro to someone else's dream (this step is mandatory to be able to publish your dream). This creates a flow of donations.

A 100 day race will begin at that moment to achieve your dream.

How to make your dream come true?


Personalise your profile and your dream to make them more attractive. Take pictures, and record remarkable videos and write original descriptions. Publish your dream on social networks to get exposure to as many people as possible so they can help you to make it come true. Have you thought about which dream you want to make come true? Start your dreamed trip!!


You have got a 100-day window to achieve it. You will be able to achieve your dream if you obtain 100% of the total. Otherwise, WIN1DREAM will distribute the unachieved dream´s money according to percentages amongst the 50 top supportive dreamers from the top users Ranking.


The principles which govern WIN1DREAM are: Generosity and Diversity.
That is why being generous is rewarded. The way the platform works is aimed towards money being distributed amongst all dreamers. You can create as many dreams as you wish but if you want one of your dreams published you have to donate 1 € to someone else´s dream. This creates a flow of donations. The minimum amount per donation is 1€.
It is important to keep in mind that every time you donate to a dream you receive Ranking Points. These points will push you up in the top users Ranking, and if you get to be in the list of the 50 most supportive people, many more people will be able to see you and help you. Moreover, you will get a percentage of the money from the dreams which have not been achieved.
The Ranking Points are related to the amount of donations you make, not to the donation amount. This means that you will get more Ranking Points by donating to a larger amount of dreams than by donating a big money amount to a single dream. So we encourage you to spread your donations in order to get more points.

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