"I think it may be said of Steichen that, perhaps more than anyone else of the time, he smoothed the way between 19th century photography and 20th century photography, through his love of painting and process."

The puzzle of Steichen’s process; full of technical enigma, free of the confines of conventional printing and a velvety dream brought to life is here entwined with a subject infused with raw emotion creating a profoundly moving experience, so much so, that the flesh of Strauss becomes a warm body that we begin to know. Lou Proud, head of Photographs in London, introduces Edward Steichen's portrait of the composer Richard Strauss, a highlight from the Photographs Auction on 7 November 2013.

See this work: phillips.com/detail/EDWARD-STEICHEN/UK040213/101

Produced by Phillips (2013)
Director/Editor: Max Sobol
Producer: Alex Godwin-Brown

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