Import: Hebrews 4:12, All Bible is inspired Word of God. God says this in each of His books, in a variety of ways. Trick is to know the rhetorical styles of exposition. So here, a Word Search on Bible Greek 'euangelian' (spelled with two g=y, but pronounced as if 'ng'). Idea is to show how even a simple Word search reveals important clues about what Bible's Words, mean. Very sophisticated, is Bible. Misused, misunderstood, lambasted absent warrant, and above all, left to gather dust while we go to Starbucks, or get our hair cut. What a pity.

For one of these rhetorical styles, is to use keywords. This is a LEGAL rhetorical technique. A legal document must define all its terms, and then the document itself, uses those terms. From this, one learns what THAT document means; what are its contractural provisions. Hence, the common statement among theologians that 'you must compare Scripture with Scripture'. Yeah, because it's a collection of legal documents, whether deposition or contract, ruling or proof of intent. So, it uses LEGAL styles of exposition, for the sake of clarity, precision of INTERPRETATION. Which, we all ignore. Pity.

There are many keywords and key phrases like "thus says the Lord", "Word of God", and even "Word". These special phrases are ALL claims of Divine Authenticity and Authorship. The Grantor of the Contract, aka Scripture, Puts His Word in Writing so you can learn it, and thus learn to TRUST it, USE it, as you get that haircut or go to Starbucks. Another keyword is euangelion, usually translated "gospel". So in this video it's traced pan-Bible, so you see how euangelion is used: only once in OT, 73 times in NT.

The term "gospel" means Divine Communication, not simply that portion of Divine Communication about how to get saved. This original video only goes through Ephesians 6:19 (100MG limit, when originally posted).

Inter alia, this Word search demonstrates that what Paul is given by God to write, is NOT different from the rest of the Bible, but rather fulfills the OT promise of Jer31:31-34. For to invoke the term "euangelion" is an Isaiah 53:1-type testimony: writer passes on what GOD gave him.

So all that junk about Paul having a different "gospel" is made up by people who don't do their Bible homework. Biggest pity of all.

This video was originally posted when I was just learning how to do onscreen videos, 7/20/2008. File Name: euangelionR.avi, in euangelion folder.

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