Doug Johnston, Executive Producer the whirlwind behind WATERtv
Hello, I'm Doug Johnston, owner of Artistic Visual Studios, a multi-media/production house that specializes
in corporate video presentations based in Dallas, Texas -- and executive producer of WATERtv.
Under my direction, a passionate team of talented designers, writers and production pros has pioneered
a grassroots movement to break convention with status-quo video marketing and re-invent a model
that is breaking new ground with show-stopping results.
Innovative, high-quality video production equipment and techniques allow us to focus on telling our
clients' true stories by exploring their unique assets and accomplishments in a more visceral way.
WATERtv takes viewers behind the scenes as a personal tour guide, exposing them to the synergy that
happens in the workplace, and the wonder beyond that creates the art that captures our imagination.

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