This is a project titled “Oceanic Scales” that I am developing with Jennifer Parker and the OpenLab Research Center at UCSC. You can visit the project website here: This is a video of the prototype that was developed for Spring qtr. 2013 Open Studios at UCSC.

Oceanic Scales is a place to learn and collaborate.

It is a lens focused on phytoplankton, the first link in the oceanic food chain.

It explores biomimicry as a root of inspiration.

It breathes and glows with a pulse.

It is a barometer of local ocean health and stability.

It is a technological system inspired by a biological system existing within a planetary system

It explores the tipping point between humanities desires and the oceans needs.

It translates the role of phytoplankton as an essential, interconnected part of Earth’s ecosystem.

It allures with the promise of new understanding and empathy.

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