A documentary-novel on Sex Trafficking - One of the ugliest trades in human history

The reason behind writing this novel:uman trafficking is nearly as old as the human history, the weaker members of the society are always victimized, used, abused by the stronger members, ‘Might is Right’ was the motto of the primitive times, now it is even more true while in this 21st century we declare ourselves highly civilised. In the name of civilization we make multi storied buildings , drive private jets , travel to the other planets or so on but inner human souls are decaying , dying, shamelessly and endlessly that heinous business like Human Trafficking has become world's third largest profit-making illicit industry after arms and drugs trafficking. Human beings are sold, displayed, auctioned, smuggled, and trafficked like anything-they're a profitable commodity in the multi-billion-dollar industry of modern slavery.

One of the vicious consequences of human trafficking is sex trade where women are enslaved, raped, tortured, forced into sex 20-30 times a day, ended up with incurable dieses HIV and finally are thrown out away once their bodies are no longer sellable- they are thrown out side of the trade, outside of the society, outside the human lives.

Such disaster of human race should be protested, should be dealt in the society without a second loss.

The steps have been taken, but those are very much less to the monstrous evil existence of Human Trafficking.

The novel is one very strong step that will shock the world to wake them up and stand strongly against the devil force that plays with the vulnerable peoples as the cat plays with the mouse till it is dead.

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