4D Audio Visual Instrument

Require Tech: Web Audio API , WebGL , Leap Motion

The Tesseract MRI is an attempt to visualize the 4th dimension. It explores this dimension in the same way we explore brains: by taking slices of them. By changing the position and angle of your hand, you redefine a hyperplane which takes a 3D Slice out of the 4th dimension.

If the Slice that you take intersects the 4D object, in our case a tesseract, it will reveal the part of that object that exists in the current 3D slice. Additionally, you can see the same process happening as we take 2D slices of a 3D cube, and 1D slices of a 2D square.

Inspired in part by ‘Flatland’ by Edwin Abbott Abbott, The Tesseract MRI hopes to let people understand a space that they typically cannot. By playing a note every time the 3-Dimensional Slice hits a corner, auditory feedback additionally invokes a sense of the size and the shape of the ethereal Hypercube.


Hold hand out with fingers spread over the Leap Motion controller. Move and rotate your hand to explore the tesseract.

Hold 1 finger up to see lower dimensional slices
Hold 2 fingers up to see an projected version of the tesseract
Hold 3 fingers up to see the 3D slice of the tesseract

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