This year marked the Third Annual 100 Thousand Poets for Change - Toledo event held again for the second year at the Collingwood Arts Center Theater in the historic Old West End fine arts district.

I did manage to capture nearly the entire event on video, which times out at just under two hours. However, as I am merely a "one-man recording team" with a limited memory capacity on my iPhone, I was at the unpredictable mercy of the Apple gods in having to take time out periodically to download the video clips from my phone to my laptop, which unfortunately took a bit of time and availability away from recording the performers.

Hence, I wish to offer my sincerest apologies to Kerry Trautman and James for not being able to record any of their performances, and to Adrian Lime for missing the first portion of his. I hope that you will understand that this kind of decision is never easy to make and was not at all directed towards you personally. Fortunately, I did receive digital copies of Kerry's poems that she read in homage to the late John Swaile and "Dr. Don" McKivett, both of which I did include in scrolling text form over the still image of Kerry.

As I was editing this project over the last couple of days, I was filled with a great sense of pride at how well it all came together and how passionate all the readers were with what they offered at this year's event. I extend a very special thanks to Michael Grover and the staff of the Collingwood Arts Center for hosting 100TPC Toledo again this year, Jonie McIntire for Emceeing and Producing the show, and to Chris Eichenberg for supplying the still photographs in this video, whose own beautiful work can be seen at .

I have set the privacy controls on this upload to allow anyone full access to comment on, download, or embed the video files on their own websites or share on their preferred social media networks. Thanks again to all of you for adding your voices and various artistic talents to the most essential cause of global change. Together, once again, Toledo has made a difference in the world. Bravo!


* Jonie McIntire - Welcome & Opening Remarks
* William "Billy" O'Fahey
* Craig A. Combs
* Lorraine Cipriano
* Michael Grover
* Hod Doering
* Gregory Clean
* Kerry Trautman
* Adrian Lime
* Matt Sradeja
* Craig A. Combs
* Trina Stolec
* Arnie Koester
* Craig Firston
* Doug Lutman
* Alfred Frank
* Hod Doering
* James (not recorded)
Run time: 1:54:49 (approx.)

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