Direction and motion graphic by Elisa Minuzzo
Music by Luca Nardon

The Opus Motus stone design project invites the observer to experiment doubly in the reality of colour, in a dynamic and playful manner." Veronica Dal Buono, Researcher in Industrial Design at Ferrara University.

As in other stone design projects, with Opus Motus Lithos Design and Raffello Galiotto investigate stone as a natural element, intimately close to man. Discover the hows and whys of Opus Motus through designer Raffaello Galiotto's words:

Enjoy the playlist of OPUS MOTUS video reportages:

Lithos Design is not only about research! Discover our collections of cutting-edge design wall panels, all made in the beautiful colours of natural stone and marble.

Design: Raffaello Galiotto

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