Director: Alex Naser-Hall
Lead Actress: Emily Wilkinson
Supporting Actor: Carl Stevens
DP / Audio: Jacob Watson
Craft Services: Liz Allen, Brian Smith
Crash Scene Advice: Chad Clendinen
Special Appearance: Hudson Fox
Special Thanks To: Chris Carver
Script Advice: Michael Allen Spear
AD / Producer / Videographer / Editor: Rachel Ashley
Thumbnail Art: Steve Witmer

7th Annual Frightstorm Film Festival

Every October, a collection of friends, co-workers and enemies compete to create the scariest horror short of the year. A collection of improvised awards are given out, a nacho bar is served.

2013 Rules:
- Someone has to Die
- Integrate the number 7 in one or multiple ways
- The Film must be 7 minutes or less.
- Film must be uploaded to vimeo by 6pm Oct 31
- Also bring a hard copy of the film as a backup.
- Remote submissions are eligible for competition

See all the past festival entries:

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