Multitouch surface testing (FTIR)
The purpose of this tests is to build a puppetBox, a multitouch surface to manipulate puppets using fingers.
I´ve made silicone layers with synthetic and cellular diluent.
Avoid dissolving the silicone with cellular diluent because it will take too much time to try. Using synthetic diluent
Of-course you can use expensive materials to avoid this issues.


- Eyecam gives a better performance in Windows (60 fps) against Mac OSX (30 fps)
- Flash CCV demos work 2 times faster on windows compared to Mac OSX

- Rosco screen gives high resolution picture and it gives you a great feeling to touch
- Baking paper gives brighter picture with low resolution but it is very low-cost
- Rosco screen needs more layers of Sillicon to track blobs

Material used:
- Optoma projector PK320 80 Ansi Lumen
- EyeCam Default lens with 850 nm filter (i changed the lens to the default because i used a very small surface)
- InfraRed Ledstrip 850 nm
- Baking paper with 2 layers of silicon + synthetic diluent
- CCV 1.2 on MAC and CCV 1.3 on Windows

Experiment made in September 2013

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