We all know that cupcakes and cakes are known for the frosting that decorates them. The icing is what turns a simple baked treat into an art form. While we all love this vital ingredient, only those that make them know the true importance of the frosting process.

While the frosting might be the final step in creating a cupcake, it is no "piece of cake." The icing that tops off any cupcake is the most expensive part of the procedure. It can also be the most demanding and require the most skill. Today, decorators receive very little aid from their icing equipment. This puts all the work in the hands of the decorators, which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, less efficient work, and fatigue.

Luckily, this no longer has to be the case.

A solution can be found in the EZ Frost machine. Whether you work in a large supercenter's bakery, or own a small gourmet- cupcake business, you can benefit from owning an EZ Frost. This one machine greatly reduces the risk of employees developing carpal tunnel, without hindering their artistic freedom to decorate cakes and cupcakes. It does this in a way that reduces waste and quickens the frosting process.

Visit ezfrost.com for more information

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