Continued from 8c9-11. Thus end the 2008 videos for Episode 8c. Last Episode of the Genesis series is 9, which follows this video in Youtube. Relevant links follow.

Worksheet: .

Bible verses showing how to plot Time rules, in detail: . Keep reading through 6b.

Main webpage on the topic: . That webpage's first white table also has many other links allowing full vetting of the material. It's the hub for all the Time doctrines.

However, more-current video information already exists in Youtube. See also my Yapping Most High Episode 10, GGS Episode 10, Psalm 90 Meter of Time and How God Constructs Time playlists for much more info on this topic.

Note: these videos for Episode 8 were originally made in September 2008 in bliptv, now uploaded to Youtube; but if you want the clearer original, you can download it at They do not include the Psalm 90 and GGS material, because I didn't know that Bible proof at that time.

File Name: GenEpi12-14.avi, remix 2/12/11 in YoutubeConversions folder in Genesis folder.

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