Today's church is asleep. "Seeker-friendly" church services are putting God's people to sleep. We are inundated with "sermonettes for christianettes", lulled to sleep by purveyors of peace, prosperity, and feel-good cotton candy. We will sadly soon discover it is nothing but spiritual poverty and eternal loss to those of us who inherit eternal life.

It is time to wake up! And if that means a rude awakening, so be it. It's time for us to get off the fence and decide if we are going to take the Word of God seriously. The warnings to the church of this generation are clearly proclaimed in this first of two messages, "The Helmet of Salvation" by Pastor Doug Riggs. Expect to not only have your toes stepped on, but expect some deep and potentially painful spiritual surgery as the Word, the "sharp two-edged sword", cuts away at the soulish cancer that is leading the church into apostasy and the coming judgment and purging.

“The Helmet of Salvation” by Doug Riggs:

“... putting on the breastplate of righteousness: this is protecting the heart - because you have a clear conscience. You're not living in immorality; you're not surfing the net and watching all that which is an abomination to God; you're not living in illicit relationships; you're not on drugs; you're walking uprightly.
"Righteousness" in the Greek means that which conforms to the revealed will of God in thought, word and deed.

“...and those who for whatever reason don't fit the Philadelphian category - there's no promise that you're going to be alive and survive to the coming of the Lord. It's only going to be Philadelphia. The promise of the rapture in Revelation 3:10 is for you who are Philadelphian. If you're Laodicean, you can't claim the rapture is your salvation - that is - your final salvation ... The word of God teaches that only a remnant survives.

“If at the end, if you're Laodicean, and He vomited you out of His mouth and you died, you just won't be a part of that righteous remnant that God will use to be glorified in the darkest time of church history, but also the brightest for those who make up His remnant.

“If you are Laodicean, you do not know the times - you don't know you're living in the last generation
“As we face the perilous times coming, if you don't have the helmet of final deliverance, then when all Hell breaks loose, how are you going to be able to stand?

“It's a sad thing when believers buy in to the false teaching that all through history the Bride of Jesus Christ is being prepared but the last generation has to through the great and terrible Day of the Lord.

“So church age believer, if you know Jesus Christ, you will NOT go through the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord; but what you will face when judgment begins at the household of God - it's going to look like Armageddon in some respects. … The purging is going to come before the Tribulation.

“I am not one who uses the rapture teaching to put the church to sleep. To the contrary; if you understand what I'm teaching from the word of God, you'd better be on the Philadelphian side - or don't expect any final deliverance for you. You will be vomited out of the mouth of Jesus Christ. And Revelation chapter 3 verse 14 is written to born again believers: ‘To those whom I love ...’

“We Christians are in the way of the final evolution of mankind - we're in the way of the Satanic agenda to bring about transhumanism and singularity. We're in the way! But when the Rapture occurs, we're taken out of the way.”

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