Marcel is the show we are going to show at the Edinburgh Fringe (first to weeks of August 2014)

Marcel is a dada performance running on two tracks: one is the story of a man and a woman in an apocalyptic set (a long blackout populated by a strange army), a situation which makes people rethink about the concept of evolution; the other track (the characters’ nightmares) is a ready-made, a script created from the interceptions from the “Ruby’s case”, which involves the ex Prime Minister Berlusconi and an underage Moroccan girl.

The aim is to change the ready-made track time to time, using different cases taken as ready made from current events to illustrate the contemporary world through grotesque and absurd.

Marcel wanted to be a performance/installation inspired by Duchamp and “The Wizard of Oz”, (born in the recession of the late ‘800), crossing the concept of contemporary crisis, which forces us to re-invent, deconstruct, thing again to the world and re-use its wastes.

A crisis which allows wizards, good-natured poseurs and pretenders, to exist.

We wanted to create an installation.

But Dadaism won the day and we started stuttering.

Da da da da.

Which is the shape of a dada performance?

Starting from a physical training we could build the performance on two tracks: while the dialogs tell a story, our actions can tell another one.

Marcel is a dada inspired performance, is an attempt to create a dialog between theatre and contemporary world.

The ready-made part of the script has been taken from the public document of the Court of Milan which formally required Silvio Berlusconi to appear before a judge for the famous “Ruby’s case”. It was actually a ready-made script we just had to cut down.

Marcel, however, is not a performance about Berlusconi. The Italian former Prime Minister and his politics are a mere means to talk about our reality.

Apart from the use of ready-made, the performance is permeated by images and themes from the dada movement: the stage is invaded by half-machine men and prostitutes, as in a post-war set.

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