Format: mini DV
Length: 7:03 min.
Completed: 6 June 2003
Budget: $0.00

Log line
A science documentary spoof: Steroids are the greatest invention.

This was for a science class at Columbia College. We had to do some sort of presentation on a random topic from our labs.

At the same time I had this literature class, in which my textbook had this old comic strip style advertisement for a Charles Atlas workout book. This became the storyboards for the project, as well as set the infamous "misinformative 50's science video" tone. The script was minimal and most of this project was done in an improvisational manner. Most of the jokes we made up either right before shooting or while shooting, and even while doing voice-overs. In fact, the 'Dr. Braun' and 'Andy the Andro' section had no script on set. I just shot some footage of Shaun acting like a nazi, and the pill yapping its mouth randomly. Then just added all the lines later. The haphazardness and bad overdubs fit well with the bad 50's documentary style.

I think I got a "B-" or some bullshit, and most of my classmates just watched it in silence. I think it was me and a few others in the class who were cracking up while watching it. I think the teacher and other classmates were expecting something serious. I think if I wanted it to be a more successful comedy I should cut most of the science, and if I wanted it to be a more informative science video.... well who the fuck wants that?

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