THE PEOPLE TO COME had its New York premiere June 25-29, 2013 at The Invisible Dog Art Center. PEOPLE is a participatory performance installation with live music and accompanying interactive website that takes as its inspiration submissions from the audience present in the performance space and the community surrounding a site or venue. The performance was created in front of the audience every night over a four-hour process—moving continuously from the archive where the audience created work for the performers, to rehearsal where a single dancer made his solo, to his performance. This video comprises the second-half of the last performance in New York. For more information visit:

Direction & Choreography: Yanira Castro
Performance & Choreography: Simon Courchel, Luke Miller, Peter Musante, Peter Schmitz, Darrin Wright
Installation, Lighting & Costumes: Kathy Couch
Web Director: Sam Lerner
Sound Installation: Stephan Moore
Archivists: Tess Dworman, Kirsten Schnittker
Live musicians: Peter Bussigel, Stephan Moore, Caroline Park, Tim Rovinelli and Suzanne Thorpe

THE PEOPLE TO COME was made possible in part with co-production support by Vermont Performance Lab and funding from The Jerome Foundation. Support for PEOPLE and composer commission funds are provided by New Music USA’s Live Music for Dance program.

PEOPLE was developed through a Media and Choreography Residency Fellowship at Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography, a 2012 Lab Residency at Vermont Performance Lab and development residencies at The Yard and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Swing Space program through a real estate donation from Savanna.

The New York Premiere of THE PEOPLE TO COME is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc. (BAC), and is made possible, in part, by The Invisible Dog’s Kickstarter donors and by a canary torsi’s Kickstarter donors to bring PEOPLE home to New York.

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