This video introduces Pass the Salt 1-4 subseries. Quick primer on How God Orchestrates DISASTER Time:

* 80-year setup of teachers, Bible found/collated/disclosed,
* then 120 years of DISASTER, aka 'four generation curse' -- targeting areas of most Bible exposure yet negativity.
* Later 490's continue the same trends in ever wider geographies. Today? The world. Lev 26 and Deut 28, writ large.

Re music: I don't know the identity of artist. So if you do, please let me know. Video originally posted in Youtube 8/17/09, but no one has come forward, so presumably there's no copyright violation. Original Description, follows below.
End of the world? Or Beginning of a Voting Period God regularly scheduled? THE LATTER. Rapture is unpredictable, but Bible shows God constructs Time on psychological schedules. Vid recaps cycles since Adam's Fall, provides links showing Bible proof you can TEST. We entered 'our' cycle, March 2010. It ends in 2130. So, nutters date Rapture, and claim 'conspiracy'. All these weirdoes typify the voting period's tumult.

For God uses each period to clean the world's house of its apostate believers, as well as unbelievers, so a new 490 -year unit can begin with the enough freedom for all. Bad (i.e., religious) thinking is very contagious. So those persisting in it, must be cleaned or removed, so that free thinking can resurface. Result is great tumult.

The world's Time ends if not enough people vote to know Word during this 120-year 'housecleaning'. So when people talk of 'the end', as they typically do, they're right: the world ends if the votes are too few. This time, via Rapture.

Bible Proof Links listed in Video Credits:
God's Accounting for Time since Adam:
The Seven Trends (dates need correction):
Worksheet, Adam forward:
Word doc summary:
Proof Christ's Birth & Death were Scheduled:
Proof Ps90 & Isa 53 predicted all this, pre-Daniel:
Satan's use of Islam to thwart progress:

Download this video here (45MB): .
Related videos: Genesis Episode 8c; Psalm 90, Isa53 Meter Hypothesis, GGS 10 and YMH 10. Bible documentation is an ongoing project.

See also TheEdge012's 'Revival' video, . It inspired this one.

Now is the right time to be afraid.
More Highlights of the Doctrine:

1. Jews used to know, but post-96AD Christianity forgot, that God designed Time in VOTING 'cycles', ever since Adam. Mankind's free existence depends on whether enough people vote enough to know God.

2. Bible discloses this schedule from Genesis 5, forward. Psalm 90 tracks it in Hebrew meter, as does Isaiah 53, Daniel 9, and even Eph 1:3-14. There are 100s of passages using the meter, since Jews had to ORALLY MEMORIZE Scripture.

2. The message of the period? Trouble Ahead. Vote For God. And yes, the Rapture can occur at any time, as well. Criterion is Eph 4:13 for us, NOT historical events. For it's up to Father's DISCRETION what maturation we get, John 17:17-26. So Rapture can never be predicted.

3. The cycle is based on a SOLAR year, so Israel would always celebrate her birthday on time, Exodus 12. King David then affixed priestly courses based on a 24-hour day, 1Chron 24. Thus the hour of relief, would always result in a true solar year of equal serving-time per course.

4. Due to centuries of persecution, Israel forgot How To Tell Time, so her calendar is wrong. She was more accurate back in 30AD, when Passover was only four days off, per the sarcastic Greek in John 19. So the Lord was able to EAT the official Passover. Yet also BE the Passover on its CORRECT date, His Crucifixion.

5. For Time is solely governed by the Angelic Conflict Trial Terms, a rule since Adam's fall. Believers are always On Trial for how we learn and live on Bible, Hebrews 11:1 (see on that verse, which every Bible mistranslates). So Rapture is NEVER related to historical events!

6. So the Gen 6 Flood is precedence for a recurring trend of salting history since Adam: last 120 years of a 490 (or 560) year period, to fulfill Acts 17:26. Moses thus 'datelines' his Psalm 90 based on it (see my Psalm 90 video playlist).

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