'Brottskod' is based on a renowed Swedish radio programme called 'P3 Dokumentär'. One of the more classic radio documentary shows you can find. It prides itself with telling exeptional stories, focusing on famous crimes and political scandals in Sweden.

Our production company, Pixl Family, got the green light before the show started filming, to creatively direct the production, as-well as art direct and carry out the post-production.

I was the creative director throughout the pre-production, writing the main treatment and figuring out the look of the show, together with Art Director Kevin Olberg.

It was a super-fun process with the whole team from Pixl and the production company. It was one of those rare instances in TV, where everybody was on the same page, wanting to produce something that would leave a mark.

Produced by: STO-CPH
Post-Production: Pixl Family
Producer: Pål Hollender
Producer Pixl Family: Mats Olofsson & John Lundberg
Editor: Mattias Haakanson
Cinematographer: Jonathan Gammel
Art Director: Kevin Olberg
Creative Director: Henrik Rostrup
Grade: La Machine

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