just that- practicing 'one shot one kill' with targets about the size of a head with helmet. Go ahead and wear that heavy damn vest- it won't stop a face shot. Bolt action rifle, open iron sights. A milkjug full of water will let you know when you are right on- just takes practice. These were unusually close because I had to walk them down there myself- several trips for a heart patient. I am normally in the 100 yard range but the weapon is capable of far more distance. This was about 60 yards and the camera was mounted 5 feet from the targets. That's why I shot high several times- too close!
Waiting for the UN and dhs people to try and screw with 200 Million of us- I would hate to be the worst shot there!
and I could use a few new rifles. I suspect this will be an ARVIN- like operation on their part: "Never fired and only dropped once"
Some people 'in charge' have no idea who they are dealing with. It happens when ya don't crack a history book.

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