I picked up a really cheap Asahi Takumar pancake the other day and went out to grab some Magic Hour shots. It has a washed-out retro look to it right out of the gate which is kinda cool. Stopped down its almost sharper than some of my Zeiss primes but wide open its ugly in the corners and uneven across different parts of the frame at times...which is kind of refreshing! And considering its age, not a big shocker. I've shot a few hundred stills with it on my D7000 (flickr.com/photos/acidicmetabolics/ and then search for Takumar or M42) most of which turned out great. Its an awesome walk-around lens cause its so small and light, but wow it makes you work for accurate focus.
- 5DmkIII
- 55mm/f2 Asahi Auto-Takumar (1958??)
- Fotga Vari-ND ($9.99!!!)
- visionCOLOR/visionTECH
- Autolux: The Science of Imaginary Solutions

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