Urban-Think Tank’s Vertical Gym is a prefabricated kit of parts, adaptable to any locale. The base of the structure is superimposed upon an existing community basketball court, soccer field, or vacant lot, transforming it into a multi-level sports complex that can accommodate hundreds of people at a time. In this way the design maximizes the potential of any city space, particularly areas with a dense urban fabric.

U-TT’s Vertical Gym prototype serves as a safe haven for children and whole communities community. In neighborhoods constantly caught in the crossfire of gang wars and other forms of violence, the Vertical Gym is as a safe space for exercise and social interaction. U-TT believes that engaging in exercise and social activity is a right of all citizens in the city, no matter their social and economic backgrounds.

Given the dire need for such facilities in low income neighborhoods and informal settlements around the world, U-TT wishes to partner with municipal governments, private business, industry, and community organizations that are interested in bringing a vertical gym to their respective cities.

This video was produced and filmed by U-TT Films, and edited in collaboration with the Smithsonian Channel as part of their series, "Design with the Other 90%" in 2011.

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