Linda Spjut

Triangulation coordinates:



Waves of Direction

A project by Hanna Nilsson & Matilda Tjäder.

Waves of Direction. A growing information network. Fusing links. Engineering decisions. Seducing with chance. Gambling with image, text, video. Speaking in chains. Rejecting maintenance. Handwritten notes. Stolen quotes. Transparent tactics. Implanting thoughts. Narrating plots. Re-sculpting. Awaiting results. Preconditioned yet undetermined. Structure versus non-structure. Rules versus play. Dispersing without direction. Rippling. Waves of Directions.


Harry Burke
Beauty Today
Rózsa Farkas
Martti Kalliala
Hanne Lippard
Ingo Niermann
Jenna Sutela
Linda Spjut
Ben Vickers
Elvia Wilk



The first installment of Waves of Direction comes in the form of a lecture series, starting on Friday 2/8-2013. A new lecture will subsequently be launched every Friday throughout summer, fall and winter.

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