The adult mayfly's lifespan, depending in the species, can be as little as two hours. With no mouth and no stomach, its sole purpose is to find a mate before its energy is depleted.

Ou Inme' by ghostandthesong:

'Crash1 Reverse' by halleck:
'Deep Sea Ambience' by jhumbuckler:
'Drum Jam 2013-04-08' by Unfa:
'Football Crowd Cheer + Jeers' by Paulw2k:
'Fuse' by Soundslikewillem:
'Guitar Chord 2' by Uzrex:
'Ringing in Ears 2' by Hardance:
'Water Slosh Spashing-9' by AGFX: -
'Wind is blowing in the Venezuelan Savanna' by felix.blume:
'Wind-Up Toy' by gyzhor (Freesound):

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