For over fifty years, Artificial Intelligence research has been overmuch concerned with Reasoning. But before you can Reason about something you must Understand it.

Reasoning is a conscious, step-by-step, logical deliberation over known and understood facts that takes seconds to years.

Understanding is a subconscious, instantaneous recognition of objects, agents, concepts and their relationships that relies on a database of experiences gathered over a lifetime.

In this talk, Monica Anderson proposes that we focus on the Understanding part. In order to do this, we need to adopt Model Free Methods, which are simpler than Reductionist methods and can be used even in very complex domains, such as Bizarre Domains - problem domains where Reductionist models just cannot be created or used.

She also shares her opinions on the AI Singularity and explains why Artificial Intuition based devices, being inherently fallible, are unlikely to take over the world from us humans.

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