A project with Studio Juju by:
Si Min
Tze Yu
Hai Kal

The future of work is changing. Due to the increased globalization and technological advancements, location of the workspace has diminished in importance. Working on the go, or rather anywhere is becoming a norm in the society.

Although the notion of having more autonomy and flexibility in choosing where and when to work might seem enticing, we tend to forget about the banes mobility brings about. Mobility has caused us to lose ourselves along the way. Mobility has contributed to our professional lives bleeding into our family and private lives. Mobility has tethered us to our mobile devices. Mobility has eradicated the presence of the workspace. Mobility has caused us to be lonely souls.

Today, we will be presenting to you a commentary on mobile workspaces, highlighting the prevalent issues mobile workers face when in constant movement from location to location.

It is difficult to draw the lines of work and life when work has become more global and fluid for mobile workers. And because availability and responsiveness are pivotal in business, a back-and-forth toggling between life and work happens constantly. It is not surprising these time-pressed knowledge workers find it a challenge to toggle between work and rest.

Mobile workers are overly dependent on technology to complete their work on the go. They have become slaves and their lives are being controlled. In order for their devices to be powered, mobile workers will literally bend over backwards to reach for the power source.

The presence of the workspace is eradicated, creating the scenario of a mobile worker working only on the bare minimum platform provided. The stark contrast between the skeletal structure and the small surface signifies the lost of connection both physically and emotionally to the elements provided in a normal office setting that they can call ‘theirs’.

The chair requires two people to stay seated because the movement of one directly affects the person on the opposite side. The mobile worker will realize that it is impossible to keep the balance alone. The piece aims to amplify the loneliness of a mobile worker and the need for the presence of others.

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