Born Never Asked
April 2009
Helfaer Theatre-Marquette University
Choreographer: Amelia Figg-Franzoi
Lighting Designer: David Hertzfeld
Costume Designer: Amelia Figg-Franzoi
Dancers: Rachel Finn, Sophia Anagnos, Alyssa Gerber, Laura Kolar, Bridget Worth, Nicole Harris, Kathleen Grusenski, Rachel Goyette, Renee Miller, Anna Solger

These are excerpts of an hour-long Modern Dance piece I choreographed. It started as a thought and four years later had grown into an actual story. It was rehearsed over three months and utilized both dancers and non-dancers. In the two clips you will see, there are both women who had been dancing since they were young and ladies who I personally taught how to dance starting that January.

Song: Funeral Dance
February 2013
James Barr Auditorium-Homestead High School
Choreographer: Amelia Figg-Franzoi
Bagpiper: Redmond Tuttle
Lighting Designer: Wayne Peters
Costume Designer: Amelia Figg-Franzoi
Dancers: Haley Wittchow, William Toney, Max Ginkel, Anthony Grisa

From the Musical Brigadoon this is the second act funeral dance. Agnes DeMilles originally choreographed this piece for Broadway and I tried to bring a little of her to the piece as well as my own flare.

Rose and the Rime
Blizzard Scene and Coin Fight scene
October 2013
James Barr Auditorium-Homestead High School
Choreographer: Amelia Figg-Franzoi
Lighting Designer: Nathan Hunt
Costume Designer: Molly Haugh
Performers: Alex Gieske, Anthony Grisa, Kristyn Wiencek, Joe Schwalb, Ryan Deloge, Luke Elowsky, Alessandra Gouverneur, Mark Usatinsky, Jacob Sanner, Clare Baumgart, Grace Bobber, Danielle Goodman, Alexis Thompson, Bridget Cushman, Maggie Collins, Katie Bandurski, Dan Scott, Michaela Miller

This is our WHSFA One Act competition piece for this year, a 40 minute absurdist physical theatre piece. The first clip you will see is a blizzard piece while the second clip is from the end of the show where the towns people are fighting over a coin that gives the owner happiness.

War is a Science and With You
February 2012
James Barr Auditorium-Homestead High School
Choreographer: Amelia Figg-Franzoi
Lighting Designer: Amelia Figg-Franzoi
Costume Designer: Steph Dvorak
Performers: Full Company

From the Musical Pippin, the first piece is a song that utilized small movements on chairs and played with unison to symbolize an army. For the second piece, With You, Pippin has just discovered women. This is an epic 8-minute dance filled with dance, gymnastics and a parachute.
(For the full dances please visit…

AFS Talent Show
Breath of Life
November 2013 (This is a rehearsal video)
James Barr Auditorium- Homestead High School
Choreographer: Katie Holtzen
Lighting Designer: Sveta Tenges and Nathan Hunt
Dancers: Amelia Figg-Franzoi, Gabe Katz, Julia Dorf, Haley Wittchow

This dance was performed for the AFS Talent Show on November 1st and 2nd this year. It was not my first choice for a dance, but it has turned into my only piece as I lost all of my pieces in a computer crash this weekend. The other three dancers are very talented dancers I normally choreograph on, but this Sunday I instead found myself in one of their competition dances.

Improvisation Dance Competition
August 2013
James Barr Auditorium-Homestead High School
Dancer: Amelia Figg-Franzoi

At the end of August, the students I teach dance to and I have an improvised dance competition, showing each other what we have learned throughout the month of August. I was forced to dance this year and this is what came of it.

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