I recently traveled to Moab, Utah during the weekend of October 25th for a mountain bike trip and took along my Phantom quadcopter to capture the stunning beauty of Arches National Park. Arches features some of the most unique geography and color tones I've ever seen - the visuals are simply amazing. This video doesn't even come close to capturing the richness of layered rock formations, crisp smell of the desert air, standing there, breathing in person. If you've ever thought about visiting Moab or other areas around southern Utah, it's a definite "yes" destination, especially in the fall months. You won't be disappointed! This video is a personal project with no commercial value. Hope you enjoy.

MUSIC: "The Savior" licensed from AudioJungle.net

AERIAL POV: DJI Phantom quadcopter with Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal

CAMERA: GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition, 1080p@60fps, ProTune off

EDITOR'S NOTES: The micro-vibration noticeable in many shots is mostly the result of unbalanced blades (a bit scuffed from my initial crashing/learning curve), stiff vibration absorbers (I think the grey, or medium ones, work best on the Zenmuse gimbal) and flying in GPS mode (especially when there's a few knots of wind), all of which I've learned affect stabilization. I've made a few adjusts to these variables since my trip to produce better results. No images stabilization tools were used in editing this video.

CREDITS: Many thanks to the National Park Service. More info here: nps.gov/arch

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