Study 6 of 13 on The Sanctuary

“Every religion has rituals. Over time these rituals become habits…..we often go through the motions like some sort of spiritual zombie….it is when we lose site of the meaning…and just go through the motions….that we build towards our very own spiritual zombie apocalypse. We are born to choose. Our choices reflect the side we choose in this great controversy between the Devil and God…even Joshua recognized that choice determines how our people will survive. So choose you this day…and every day to come…why…and how…you worship.” –Falvo Fowler

1. How do you define Atonement?
2. How is atonement achieved?
3. Who does the work of atonement?

4. During the last study we discussed the concept of the sin offering. For this study we discuss the Day of Atonement. What was purged on this day?

5. There were three parts of the Day of Atonement:
• purification offering for the priest, what was this and the significance for today?
• purification offering of the goat “for the Lord”, what was this and the significance for today?
• and the elimination ritual with the live goat for Azazel (scapegoat), what was this and the significance for today? (John 12:31)

6. Does God expect us to forgive and forget? Or is forgetting only something God can do.

7. If God forgets, why then do we have an investigative judgment? Hasn’t He already forgotten our sins?

8. What lesson do learn about atonement and forgiveness in Matthew 18:23-25 the parable of the debtor?

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