Bible study #9 of Daniel Chapter 8, is about Daniel's prophetic vision of the Ram & He Goat & 2300 days.
Why did Daniel write Chapter 8 in Hebrew, after he had written the previous chapters back to Chapter 2:4 in the Aramaic language?
Which future kingdom is prophesied by Daniel as being like a Ram?
What is the future kingdom that is symbolised by a He Goat, that will destroy the kingdom depicted as a Ram?
Who is the Greek Syrian King who initially fulfils Daniel's prophecy of putting an idol of Jupiter in the Temple?
Will there be a future second fulfilment of this prophecy in a 3rd Temple, yet to be built in Jerusalem?
Is there an important End-time, "time marker" meaning, for us to understand regarding the 2300 days prophecy?
How do Daniel's prophecies of the 1335 days, 1290 days, and 1260 days tie in with the 2300 days prophecy?
All these questions and more are answered in this video.

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