GIST: How embarrassing, that preterists can't count syllables. For God's answer in Daniel 9:24-25, is METERED based on the number of syllables in Psalm 90:1-3 (the DECREE, matched by the DECREE in Dan 9:24 by GOD, not a freakin' human king)! And, by the number of syllables DANIEL uses in his prayer. So the 49 and the 62 are literal exact answers to the ACCOUNTING Daniel uses in his prayer, as you'll see in this video; which accounting, is based on Isaiah 53's meter, tracking it; just as, Isaiah 53's meter is based on Psalm 90's.

Paul will then track to all three OT passages, in Ephesians 1:3-14. Because Paul is counting the syllables. Sadly, the preterists are not.

Preview of coming attractions: Daniel's 742-syllable prayer is exactly 252 more than 490; 252 syllables are in ellipsis in Isaiah 53 between Isa52:15 and 53:1 to balance to years from David's birth to when Isaiah writes (a kind of fast-forward often used in metered Hebrew). 742 is also the SUM of 252+364+126; the middle number is the number of years the Temple was standing, and is in ellipsis between Isa53:10 and 11. So Daniel asks for reimbursement, invoking Psalm 90:15 and Isaiah 53's accounting, precedented on the FLOOD, minus the 50 years for harvesting the Gentiles, since that's NOT Jewish 'time'! How so? Well, 266 SEVENS plus 50, are the number of years from the FLOOD, to when Daniel says 'now', in 538BC! Same convention of sevening as Moses used!

Wow. Amazing what you can learn if you just count syllables!

Oh: and Daniel's 476 subtotal (which you'll see in the video) is exactly 14 MORE than Isaiah 53's debit (476-462 in Isa53). Heh: Daniel wants those 14 credited. Yeah, and God does it, in Daniel 9:25's 62 weeks plus Dan 9:27!

252 is also equal to the TWO 126's which Isaiah explictly counts (see my 2-minute Isaiah 53 videos at the beginning of the Psalm 90 playlist). So Daniel's counting BEYOND the time allotment asking for the PURPOSE of the Davidic time to be fulfilled. Paul will pick up on that in Eph 1:3-14, and I show how, in 11 GGS.

Dispies got egg on their face too, even though God vindicates pre-Trib Rapture via the meter. For Dispies use lunar years due to the mistaken Jewish practice, rather than using God's SOLAR calendar in Exodus 12 and codified under David in 1Chron 24 (the priestly courses can't have equal time if based on a lunar calendar, hint hint). For, God only accounts by BIRTHDAYS: you can't get the anniversary right if you don't 'stay solar'! Ooops. (Intra-year 'drift' always yields the exact same anniversary on the same day number, so long as the calendar begins anew on EACH vernal equinox, so you don't have to intercalate days until Adar.)

Still, pre-Trib Dispies get even more proof via Psalm 90 forward, of a dispensation-tracking rhetorical style in Bible, which also vindicates what the Jews still sorta know as the 'times', aka Dispensations. All ya gotta do, is learn to COUNT THE SYLLABLES, and you'll see it for yourself! Even a 5-year-old Jewish kid, learns to do that!

To continue in this series, go to my GGS10e9 for this Four Act Play which Moses 'started' and Revelation will end, tying back to Paul ( ).

In Youtube:

Links: Daniel 9's prayer pdf with English and BHT seminary pronunciation, as promised in the video: . One-pager of Hebrew only so you can parse it yourself: . I also started a parsed version, . Will keep updating it as I've time.

Related docs: PDFs of the full meter pattern in Eph1:3-14, Ps90, and Isa53: . That pdf is now UPDATED to include a metrical translation in English. The orange numbers clearly show Paul maps to Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53 meter 'paragraphs'. Shocking. Compare to these meter maps of Ps90 and Isa53: and . That pdf was also much revised last week, so you may need to re-download. Isaiah 53's meter map is clearer, here: .

The video's timeline worksheet: . Bible verses supporting it are shown in and .

If you're not familiar with Book of Daniel, I did extensive audio links in the vid description to my 10a1 YMH video. Episode 10 of the YMH (Yapping Most High) series is also about Jewish Dispensationalism, and ties to GGS10 series. Sorry, but the doctrine is long and complex .. and awesome.

File Name: 23Psalm90.avi, 1/17/11 in Psalm90 folder.

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