With Désirée Cyganek.
In New York.
Feat Susan Bauer

I was the one in charge.
I had to look after my siblings.
I had to raise them.
Nurture them.
I was the one caring.
I was the one feeding.
I was the one yelling.
I was the one comforting.
I was the one sorting out things.
And I was the one left behind.
Left to deal with the mess.
With the mission of bringing each fragments of life together.
I’ve sorted it all out.
And when I had to let go.
Let go of what I believed in.
Let go of my anger and grief.
Let go of my harsh feelings.
That’s when it all really started.
When everything felt into place.
I just had to blink a little to adapt.
When the light was getting too bright
I had to roll up my sleeves.
And embrace the daily contrasts.
My life is a sequence of win and loss.
For now, I live in the city that never sleeps.
A city where I can embrace my loneliness.
Where I can be whoever I want to be.

But let me tell you a story. The story of how I became a stranger.


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