Submission for Primelab Creative Awards'13 w/ Hyper Island Digital Data Strategist'14.

In 2014, Sweden will be again full of talk with the upcoming elections. But, it is not the talking that solves problems. It is the actions that does it. And actions do not happen without active people. Being active is not only about physical activeness, it is also about taking an active stand, raising your voice and sharing what you care about.

During elections everyone should use their right to take action and make their voice heard. For more than 70 years ACO has been the Nordic expert caring for our health and well being. In 2014 ACO will challenge the Swedes to take action for what they care about.

To raise real, relevant issues into the public discussion, ACO presents an initiative called “Apply Care On”. This will be launched together with the Swedish political campaigns in spring 2014. “Apply Care On.” includes elements of a traditional political campaign from billboards and debates to slogans and public meetings.

However, the contents of the campaign will be created by the people, not by the politicians. By meeting people on the streets and reaching out to them through social media, ACO asks Swedes to share what they care about and inspires them to take action for it.

“Apply Care On.” will go its way to find active people and learn what they care about. When getting in touch with engaged people and great initiatives supported by others, “Apply Care On.” offers channels and support to boost the initiative and make sure real action can be taken. So the question is, what do you care about?

Join ACO in 2014 to take action for care. Apply generously.

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