The Speakers 2013 @ Burns an 'a that Festival, Ayr, Scotland - 2 takes on: Jan 25

Featuring the new 3D design and a smaller group of 10. In response to the occasion the voices incorporate both Scottish vernaculars and short exerpts from Robert Burns Revolutionary texts, mixed in with the archive of voices 'speaking' Tweets sent from Tahrir square, during and after Egypt's 18 day revolution. The content here pulls #jan25 (Egypt) together with Jan 25th Burns night, revolutionary voices from 2 very different eras.

The is is the installation in its smallest form, with 10 nodes gathered around 1 fire hub.
It also included the process of recording new material during the event and weaving these into the mix insitu.

An INSITU and META Commission from the European Union Culture Funds, commissioned here in Scotland by UZ Arts (UK INSITU partner).

For more info see:

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