You Did Unto Me addresses the prevalence of mental illness in Western culture and the failure of the Western Church to bear the burdens of the people and families who struggle with mental illness. The music (Vito's Ordination Song" by Sufjan Stevens) illuminates the core perception problem--that persons with mental illness are made in the image of God, who in His sovereignty has created them and loves them. Traditionally the Church, has often labeled them as "the mentally ill" and further marginalized these individuals with "spiritual malpractice."

The video is based on a similar video response to Matthew Warren's suicide.

"The Numbers Count: Mental Disorders in America." National Institute for Mental Health.

"Church Congregations Can Be Blind to Mental Illness, [Baylor] Study Suggests" -

Do Send a Card.

Music - "Vito's Ordination Song" by Sufjan Stevens
NYC Metro Footage - "Bending Sounds" by Tim Sessler (
MBTA Red Line Footage - "Inbound" by M. Willis (

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