A.) Peaking
B.) Cruise Control (Plateau)
C.) Premonition
D.) Realization
E.) Everything Is Going To Be Okay
F.) Real Eyes

All lyrics, vocals, production and album artwork by Andrew JD.


Rap + Beat by Andrew JD © 2013; Sampling Big Star's "Thirteen"
All lyrics written by Andrew JD © 2013:
I think I’m peaking and now I’m speaking to the other half – go ahead and laugh, but I’m on the right track and it's a mutual feedback system; glistening; manifestin'; you even listenin’? What you thought was morally reprehensible – to me it's indispensable: a three-day festival! Buhloone Mindstate; helium and hydrogen; red and blue again as it was in the beginning! Where we headed it's impossible to map out. There's no route – uncharted territory. Shadows uninhibit creativity and thank god cause I was locked in captivity! And yeah it's scaring me, peaking my existence – unless you here you could never understand this! This is what living life's all about! We in the moment like we never coming down!

"Cruise Control (Plateau)"
Rap by Andrew JD © 2013; Sampling DJ Koze's "Das Wort"
All lyrics written by Andrew JD © 2013:
“Is it here or is there? Is it a little further still or back there? Should I stay again and get some air or will one more circling find myself where I’m caring about the same thing I was back then?” Rapping so breezy; feelin’ so sleazy – but it's still easy-going on the top lane! I can't comedown but I really can't complain! Voices speakin’ right to me – I know it's not real but they're saying: “Get free!” What's to fear if we stop and rest? They have it wrong – you're the best. Deep down within you know you're right. It doesn't matter what was done in your life – “They're wrong!” 7 billion weak; 1 voice strong; just an OutKast holding on – move along.

Rap + Beat by Andrew JD © 2013; Sampling Salem's "Redlights"
All lyrics written by Andrew JD © 2013:
Stab my enemy: bleeding in the breeze while he's looking back at me trying to make peace! Summer heat – the dagger in my hand – he's the beat I'm the reconciliation! I'm pushing farther than I've ever gone and every song is the opposite of what's wrong. Every tear came from overcoming some fear and what's left overwhelms every common ear. I’m passionate! Drench it up in mad static: pre-emptive filter for the bad kids – “Stay away! Nobody wants to fuckin’ hear what you have to say! I’m doin’ this for the culture while you still complain! Take a .45 – direct it to your brain! Pull the trigger! I promise there’s no pain. You blockin’ shine from a spirit you don't even know. For that? Your punishment is life upon death row.” There's mad darkness clouding up my view. “Say you got the truth? Well, I can see it too: we just a brain in a vat with some napkins – there's no truth within!” “Fuck the environment! There's plenty time for that shit! Leave it to our grandkids! I’m sure that they can handle this…” Give ‘em paper and it's never seen as slavery. Five minutes? “We just made their yearly salary.” They giving up their souls like accessories. Yeah – apocalyptic dream. This the reckoning. This really happening. I’m having visions; my memory's lapsing. I had a premonition that we gettin’ swept away. I had a premonition things are never gonna chan—

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