What makes open video an essential part of an engaged, inclusive media sphere? How does open video promote free speech, diversity, and participation?

Camera: Time Cothren/Editor: Kevin Henson/Music: Yacht (CC BY-NC-SA)

Produced by Intelligent Television

Interviewees (in order of appearance): Amy Goodman—Democracy Now; S.J. Klein—Wikimedia Foundation; Rufo Guerreschi—Telematics Freedom Foundation; Kenseth Armstead—Eyebeam Art + Technology Center; Ron Yekutiel—Kaltura; Lea Shaver—Yale Information Society Project; Nonso Ugbode—Mobile Journalism Collective; Yochai Benkler—Harvard Berkman Center; Shay David—Kaltura; Mark Surman—Mozilla; Xeni Jardin—Boing Boing; Chris Blizzard—Mozilla; Tim Hwang—Web Ecology/ROFLCon; Jonathan Zittrain—Harvard Berkman Center; Peter B. Kaufman—Intelligent Television; Adi Kamdar—Student; Jennifer Taylor—Adobe; Nina Paley—Sita Sings the Blues; Corynne McSherry—Electronic Frontier Foundation; Lizz Winstead—The Daily Show/Wake Up World

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