How verse content wryly tracks Church hence Roman FUTURE History in classical Greco-Roman drama style: Paul's keywords act like titles for each period in (then-future) history, as I try to explain. Follow along using the Roman History chart 'mapped' to this passage, in the 'Chrono Chart' (last) section of , but you need BibleWorks fonts (freely downloadable at ). PDF version is .

Links in the chart take you to independent web writeups (usually by university professors, or to books by scholars) on the period. I will be adding many more, as I keep editing. Doc links also enable you to navigate by syllables=years, to the right place on the chart.

Roman history is something I understand. My pastor was in love with history, and always included its isagogics as he exegeted Scripture almost daily. There is a LOT of good material on the internet; so if you don't like the sources I linked, find your own. This is important stuff. If you see any errors, please let me know?

The chrono section starts on p.82 and runs through the end. You can also read it online, . The doc, pdf, and htm are all the same, all updated versus what you see in the video. The htm formatting and colors might look funny on your browser. You must have BibleWorks fonts to read the Greek in htm, downloadable here: .

Neat book on Year of the Four Emperors:

Just think: all these years we've had this information in Bible, but ignored it. How much more is there in Bible, which we're ignoring? How much we miss, in translation?

File Name: 11iGGS.avi , 7/30/11 in 11GGS folder.

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