This study is broken into 8 main sections
I. The Work of Adonai
II. Adonai’s Rest
III. Man’s Work
IV. Man’s “Place”
a. Preparation Day – an act of obedience
b. Living in Humility – a life that leads to obedience
V. Shabbat – Something Adonai’s Servants Must DO
VI. The Holy Convocation
VII. The Details According to Torah
a. The City Gates
b. The Shabbat Sacrifices & Offerings
c. Who Must Obey the Command to Shabbat?
d. The Punishment for Disobedience
e. Buying or Selling on the Shabbat
VIII. If that was not enough
IX. The Conclusion of the Matter
X. Appendix –What about those home fellowships?

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