When you begin to use OnSIP VOIP phone service, you’re on your way to improving the way you do business—in more ways than one. Your OnSIP account gives you access to a VOIP industry first: the option to have custom on hold message announcements, mixed with music, that stream live, right into your SIP phones. And you can only get this service from Easy On Hold.

Up until now, OnSIP offered you a choice of on hold music—just music. But with custom on hold streams from Easy On Hold, you can use hold time to spark interest in products… reinforce your brand… inform and update callers… invite them to special events.

Best of all, your announcements can be scheduled to play on specific days at specific times.

So your callers can hear about an upcoming sale or promotion, right up to the day it happens; and automatically, that announcement stops playing, so callers never hear an out-of-date message.

You can greet callers with “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” just as if they were walking in your door. It’s fresh, it’s friendly and it will set you apart from other businesses.

Because your OnSIP hosted phone system uses a live stream, there’s no equipment to set up and no audio files to handle.

Start by requesting a free demonstration and 30-day trial. You’ll talk to a music-on-hold-expert who will help create an effective marketing script based on your marketing plan, brand, image and any other content that will keep callers informed and inspired.

Of course, no one likes to be put on hold, but 70 percent of all business calls do experience on hold time: use that time to your advantage. At Easy On Hold, we help build the world’s greatest brands… and we work with businesses of every size. We’d like to work with you, and OnSIP as you improve the way you do business.

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