Arne Kiin
by Jaanus Silla
Total length 19:18

This documentary, I could say a portrait film of a well known nature photographer evolved as if with no efforts. Everything that was available on that day of filming was captured on an hour of tape. No doubt exceptional works should usually take a lot of effort.

I think the most beautiful things are things that are most simple. But to keep it simple is sometimes not so easy. People say too much, and often clutter a beautiful view with a pointless thicket of words. Arne's words go in harmony with what we see, where we are, and what he is. He talks of his view of the world and experiences in the nature. A lot of his pictures (about 100) are also shown. For a long time at least when we filmed this he considered himself to be a marshland photographer, but I know that he has won awards for nude in nature genre and has now taken up forests and hunting for animal photos.

Some of you may not speak Estonian and I took time to record a voice-over. You are invited to experience almost hypnotizing reflection of his soul and enjoy the scenic images that he has photographed at the same location, Rabivere Marshrand Nature preserve.

His presence reminds me of an old Estonian film entitled -Summer in The a Primeval Foest (Laanetaguse suvi) - where boys find abandoned wolf puppies in the forest marshlands and decide to grow them up without anyone else knowing about it. From this film is also one of the songs, which is performed by Peeter Tooma. That film is also a reason for the wolf howls. Another song is by Anu Taul, a folk singer in Estonia, the runic song talks of birds and people.

I shoot this material in year 2000 in Estonia Rabivere marshland nature preserve. The tape come out of the drawer just now, close to 10 years later, when I am able to edit it myself as I please.

I could say that I am his student in more then one way, and our friendship has lasted over 20years.

Arne told me to erase the comparison with Ansel Adams, because. I must say that I will never reach his level, and even so I admire his monumental work highly, it has not been my goal to achieve similar results. In ideal my pictures should be more intimate and I rather look at things from inside out then the opposite. I hope to look at nature with the eye of nature not the other way, which is as to see with the eye of people in to the world of nature.

Arne is still visiting the same location after 10 years. He has just sent me some pictures from there of wild barnacle geese. I hope we can together find a venue where his works can be displayed.

I hope these 20 minutes give you something extraordinary in exchange for your time.
Thank you sincerely for watching.

Arne Kiin can be reached at

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