Continued from 11t9h. (You can see the prior episodes here: ). I'm sorry about the streaming, I couldn't change the fps rate when converting.

Next video begins Constantine episodes, '11u' GGS. Links:

Master Ephesians 1:3-14 doc and htm, which shows how Paul meter-tracks then-future Roman history in the accounting meter 'tradition', established by Moses: and . The latter htm file's links are parsed like the syllables=AD years, just as for the doc; but the htm is less attractively formatted. PDF version is .

See also my Bible Hebrew Meter Characteristics doc: or pdf or htm -- Use it to audit any Bible passage for meter.

Robert Lee Williams' book, 'Bishop Lists': . Chapters 7 and 8 cover the convoluted history of Africanus and the possibly two, Hippolytuses . Better than a blockbuster movie!

My Amazon review of his book, provides a synopsis: . Google preview:

The prior lists are 'within' Eusebius'. I can't find the prior lists on the internet, excepting Irenaeus', which is in his Against Heresies, Book III Chap. III, link below. Gorgias Press LLC gave me permission to scan and upload Dr. Williams' summary of Eusebius' List, here:

Read the bilious replace-Israel 'church fathers' yourself via free, searchable pdfs!

Church Father writings in pdf: . First 10 volumes 'anf' are Anti-Nicene Fathers (pre-Eusebius). That spans Clement, Justin Martyr, Ignatius, Hegesippus, Irenaeus, Africanus and Hippolytus. Hippolytus' writings aren't necessarily his. Two possible 'Hippolytus', so I can't give you his bishop list. Julius Africanus is in fragments, so his 'list' is largely 'reconstructed' by scholars like Dr. Williams (and over 20 others he mentions in his book).

For Nicene Fathers, see page middle: .
Eusebius is a Nicene 'father'. His Eccles. Hist.:

So what 'succession' does Eusebius really represent? A succession of liars, from Clement forward.

1. Eusebius inherits a series of bishop lists erroneously based on JEWISH OT priesthood, mal-aligned to James, ignoring the fact that James is of the WRONG TRIBE to be a Jewish priest.

2. Eusebius inherits a ROME FIRST claim via the sudden ousting of Paul from Irenaeus' revision of Hegesippus' list, when Africanus newly puts Peter as 'first bishop' at Rome and Mark as 'first bishop' at Alexandria, plus -- due to the arguments between Hippolytus 1 and Callistus -- a claim of 'catholic' for Roman church.

3. Eusebius inherits from Hippolytus' list, a 'succession' of JEWISH HIGH PRIESTS leading to ROMAN BISHOPS, thus ignoring the son-of--Aaron rule for the former, and all other Christian 'bishops' for the latter. Cute.

Eusebius obviously knows no Bible, for he adopts those three items for his own Chronicle and Eccles. History. Yikes.

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