Director's FPV Notes - Location: Fun Spot Orlando, Action Paintball.
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Storyline: A cloudy day out to test a completely new UAV we built, along with a fantastic combination of new gears. The first scene starts off with the APM 2.6, the enhanced flight controller if you are into UAV and autopilot. We then provide a glimpsed of our launch point and the pilot's OSD view, before introducing our visit to Fun Spot with a signature shot of a moving car scene and then back to the sequence showing the aerial view of the park.

The flight scenes were shot with a keychain camera #16 Lens D as that was the lightest and easiest way to video anything. We kept all the original footage 30 frames at 720p exporting at 60 fps. This flight video was synchronized with the soundtrack, with the song ending with a 360 spin view.

Did You Know ? Trivia & Goofs
1). The Roller Coaster went by 3 times, if you still missed it.
2). This quad was build for free and will be shipped away to Georgia, including the Taranis.
3). You can see the propellers move up and down within the frame, showing the gimbals at work keeping the camera at the same angle regardless of the tilt.

The FrSky Taranis radio system and the entire aircraft was new, out of the boxes, no tuning or prop balancing.. enjoy..

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Epic Music: Violin Dubstep - Stirling & Maks Roz Mashup
Quadcopter Specs: FrSky Taranis X9D, X8R, APM 2.6, Arducopter firmware, 3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6, 3DR power module, APM camera gimbal, keychain camera, Diagonal Wheelbase 450m

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