The German II WW submarine wreck U 367, lying on the bottom SW of the Hel Peninsula, was for the long time named as "Broken up submarine".
The Polish group of the BALTICTECH divers (Tomasz Stachura, Maria Pastwa, Daniel Pastwa, Łukasz Pastwa, Tomasz Trojanowicz, Tomasz Zwara & Jacek Kapczuk) made a series of dives that allowed to collect all the crucial evidence that proved this wreck is U 367.
The video was made during this dives by Daniel Pastwa.
Final identification of the wreck was made in October 2013 by Daniel Pastwa, after a thorough historical research.
The identification wasn't easy, because the wreck is lying on 67 meters deep on the starboard side and it's partially covered by fishing nets.
This movie was made as a recognition and identification video for the Polish Sea Authority.

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