Now that it has hit the cinemas I thought I would post. This was my screen test for Wolf Creek 2. I tested in Brisbane for an Adelaide submission. I played around with things as the brief suggested. It was a lot of fun to shoot it in this way with Laura and Chris - out in the stinking humid Brisbane summer in the Mt Gravatt Lookout bushland. I had a ball doing it. I think this is important to make sure you can squeeze every ounce of joy that you can in this weird and wonderful process of acting.

This was the feedback I received.

Sent: Monday, 10 December 2012 9:55 PM
Subject: Re: Dan Eady test Wolf Creek


Thanks for sending Dan's test. Great to watch.

Unfortunately the role was offered to another today. Dan did a really great job with this work. We really appreciated the trouble he want to in delivering it. It was so good, particularly as done without any of our input. The end decision has been done with the actual 'couple' of cops in mind, what makes the relationship work. Please do thank Dan enormously for being willing to put this test down for us. It is most memorable and I hope he is not too disappointed.

I will certainly remember him. And thanks for organising so speedily for us.


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