My modeling reel for 2013

Untitled short film project: I was asked by a local Los Angeles director to help out on this proof of concept short film as a modeler. I was tasked with resurfacing a blocked out mesh of the lead character, as well as uv'ing various parts of the robot model. The director was also kind enough to allow me to design and model the back of the character, and the eye sockets. The robot model was featured in a Foundry event at Siggraph in 2013 by VFX Supervisor Scott Metzger.

Halo:The Fallen. I was asked by Xerxes Sanco to hep out in the production of his Halo fan film funded through kickstarter. I've been creating production models on that project for about a year now with the creation of various aliens and vehicles.

I'm currently an environment artist/3d modeler for video games and have been modeling for 4 years with knowledge in both the requirements for production modeling, video game modeling, uv'ing, environment set dressing and lighting.

Software: 3ds Max, Maya, Vray, Photoshop, Unreal Editor, and Zbrush

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