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In this video, you will learn how to tackle the wireless connectivity challenges that schools face every semester, without compromising on the quality, safety and security of the Wi-Fi connection.
Schools these days are expected to keep up with the high demands of the tech-savvy generation glued to their Wi-Fi devices. Delayed, slow or complicated connectivity issues immediately put off students. They don't think a moment before ranting about it on social forums that cause an irreparable damage to the reputation of the school.
While students expect easy and flawless wireless connectivity from day one, the school’s IT teams struggle to keep up with the barrage of devices each student brings in. IT also has to ensure wireless LAN solutions provide uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity in classrooms, libraries and in every corner of the campus, which adds to the endless anxiety of the school staff.
Wireless registration, authentication and access don’t have to be so cumbersome and complicated. Meru’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solution for universities ensures network security and balanced network loads at all times thereby providing hassle-free Wi-Fi access. It also automates many of the requirements for maintaining and managing a secure, high-performance network, giving the much needed relief to the IT staff.

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