Hello Friends and Family! We want to extend a warm welcome from our family and hope you have a fun and memorable experience while you’re here today. Each week we do our best to present the Bible in a way that is engaging, informative and transforming. We’re glad you joined us.

We’re in a series of messages based upon the Old Testament book of Proverbs. Let me share a couple of foundational thoughts about Proverbs that will help you glean the most out of your time. First, Proverbs is a compilation of the wisdom writings of King Solomon, written around 3000 years ago. Second, Proverbs are principles for life, not rules for life. Another way to say it is this – These are more than suggestions for living. They are showing the best way to live. But, they do not guarantee success. Third, the key to being wise according to Proverbs is to remember that even though these Proverbs are from God, even non-believers will benefit from following them. At the same time, the greatest benefit is for the person who has submitted to God as the ultimate source of wisdom. Fourth, all of the Proverbs, point to the ultimate source of wisdom – Jesus Christ.

It’s our hope and desire that everyone takes these on as truths to follow so that we can “stop doing dumb things.” We hope you will choose to be here every week for this series because these messages will help you be wiser in every area of life.

I invite you to stop by our Next Step Bookstore to look at the books I picked for this series on Proverbs. You can also pick up some Lanna Coffee. The proceeds of each purchase go to help the Northern Hill Tribes of Thailand who grow the coffee for their livelihood and benefit our Student Ministries Scholarship Fund.

Pastor Ron

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