Intro to the 'recount history' requirement of Bible Hebrew Meter time poems, to see what Mary's saying 'beneath' the text; to see if it qualifies AS a Time poem as Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, and Daniel 9. Mary ties TO Daniel 9 by means of Chanukah. Proving that, will take the next six hours of videos, starting here. So here, the Book of Maccabees 1 occupies the first half of the video, and a testing intro to how Mary tracks it, occupies the video's last half.

If you downloaded the MagnificatDraft2.doc, download it again (link below): for it has a new last page which shows the historical periods Mary references. Those periods will be covered in the next five hours' videos.

Associated links (i.e., to stuff shown in the video so you can vet it yourself): (or 'pdf', for the pdf copy), Mary's Meter structure. You need the free BibleWorks fonts for the doc, . showing the countdown from Antiochus IV and Chanukah, which Mary 'maps'. Column F is yet incomplete. Dates are shown in 'our' errant BC/AD system, as well as in Roman AUC calendar, which I suspect Mary and Paul use. Still testing that idea. (or 'pdf', for the pdf version), page 8, on Psalm 90 sevened-meter structure. For the doc, you also need BibleWorks fonts. (or 'pdf') , Daniel 9:4-19's meter structure, 'ChronoChart' section. For the rtf, you also need BibleWorks fonts.

That rtf(pdf) also has extensive notes on his king-mapping with ties to the Chronicles and Kings verses he references. Isaiah 53's meter map structure. Map of Time from Adam forward, so you can better tie real time to Psalm 90's meter map. (or htm) on Ephesians 1 (Pages 2-3 summarize God's Doctrine of Time, pp.4-5 contain all links to all related videos, Word docs and webpages on both the meter and the Doctrine of Time in Bible.) For the doc (or htm), you also need BibleWorks fonts. The pdf is .

File Name: 11s4GGSMagnificat4.avi 3/14/12.

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